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Motor Claims Procedures


1. In any circumstances verify: name of the driver, address, contact numbers, vehicle documents, make, colour, insurer and certificate of insurance of third party vehicle.

2. Immediately notify the police of any accident regardiess as to who is at fault and obtain docket number or copy of policy report.

3. Give notice to IMPERIAL as soon as reasonably possible (no matter who is responsible for the accident).

a. The accident should be registered on a claim form supplied by IMPERIAL (motor accident claim forms), which will have to be duly completed and signed and stamped on behalf oh the insured.

b. Attach copies of the vehicles documents and driver’s license of the person who was driving the vehicle when the accident occurred.

4. Obtain at least two quotations for repair of the damage of insured vehicle and present to IMPERIAL.

5. IMPERIAL will assess the damages and authorize all repairs without prejudicing its right to make a cash settlement as per the quotations presented. THEFT/HIJACK

1. The insured must immediately notify the police of any case of theft or hi-jack of its vehicle and obtain the case number.

2. The insured must provide all particulars of the loss and complete the motor Theft Claim form supplied by IMPERIAL. IMPERIAL must be notified of any theft incident within 48 hours of occurrence.

3. All vehicle keys (spare and originals) in possession of The Insured will have to be handed to IMPERIAL after the required waiting period of 4 weeks.

4. The Insured must request a declaration from the criminal investigation police which states that the vehicle has not been recovered yet and forward to IMPERIAL.

5. Transfer the ownership in favor of IMPERIAL and provide IMPERIAL with the transfer papers.


1. Report the loss to IMPERIAL within 48 hours

2. Obtain two replacement quotations

3. Obtain details (catalogues, manual, etc) value, year of purchase of stolen item

4. Notify the police of the theft and obtain a docket number or a copy of the police report which must be submitted to IMPERIAL

5. IMPERIAL reserves the right to inspect the damage and authorize replacement


1. Give notice to IMPERIAL as soon as reasonably possible

2. Within two (2) days following the loss of insured is required to pay the excess applicable for Third Party Liability

3. Refer the third party to IMPERIAL

a. Forward to IMPERIAL any notice of claim or any communication, summons or other legal process issued or commenced against the insured in connection with the event giving rise to the claim.

b. No admission, statement, offer, promise, payment or indemnity shall be made by The Insured without the written consent of the IMPERIAL.

c. IMPERIAL has the right to take over and conduct in the name of The Insured the defence or settlement of any claim and prosecure in the name of The Insured for their own benefit any claim for indemnity or damages or otherwise and shall have full discretion in the conduct of any proceedings and in the settlement of any claim.

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