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Insurance for Legal Expenses

IMPERIAL INSURANCE MOÇAMBIQUE S.A promoted the launch of the Legal Expenses Coverage Insurance, the first of its kind on the market, on November 16, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel.

Presenting the new product, Tich Magora, CEO of Imperial Seguros, highlighted the fact that innovation, ie the development and presentation to customers of new products, is the cornerstone of the company's performance in the insurance market, especially in Unexplored markets.


The company's market research has shown that the public has very limited access to coverage through legal protection insurance. Legal Expenses Insurance is generally a type of product for the retail market and can be purchased by natural persons, from the holders of low income to those of high incomes. The study also showed that limited access to legal expenses protection insurance reaches all groups and strata of society compared to other more developed markets where this type of product is available through insurance brokers, banks, companies Of mobile telephony and even through retail stores. The absence of an insurance policy that covers legal expenses, resembles the inexistence of a medical expense insurance policy, health insurance, or even an automobile insurance policy, where individuals may be deprived of the protection of Their fundamental rights, their property rights, the right to quality legal assistance, fair trial and financial relief when unforeseen expenses occur. It was in view of this scenario that Imperial Seguros saw the need to develop and make available to the public an innovative insurance product that can be purchased at affordable price for most citizens who require legal protection.

Scope of Coverage

Civil Matters

Legal expenses coverage covers matters related to civil matters, from breach of contract to debt collection, preparation of contracts, such as purchase and sale contracts, leases, repair costs, wills and other Civil matters, except those indicated in the insurance policy.

Labor Matters

Cases involving unfair dismissal, dismissals, retirement and other matters relating to disciplinary procedures and requiring the monitoring and presence of a lawyer are included in this scope.

Family Matters

This includes facts or cases relating to the custody of minors, parental responsibility, divorce, adoption, sharing of assets, division of common property, and other causes related to family law, except those Described in the insurance policy. Criminal matters and other matters This insurance policy also provides legal assistance in criminal matters, including collateral applications and other matters that are described in the policy.


This product was primarily designed for individual individuals, who can subscribe to insurance individually, in organized groups such as benefit systems for workers, associations, and by foreigners residing and working in Mozambique.

For Legal Expenses Insurance, we have the following options:

TYPE A COVERAGE - Work Only Issues

. Option 1 - with coverage of 100,000 Mts the annual premium is 900 Mts;

. Option 2 - with coverage of 200,000 Mts the annual premium is 1.800 Mts

TYPE B COVERAGE - Labor, Civil, and Criminal Issues

. Option 1 - with coverage of 100,000 Mts the annual premium is of 1,875 Mts;

. Option 2 - with a coverage of 200,000 Mts the annual premium is 3,750 Mts

COVERAGE TYPE C - Labor, Family, Civil, Criminal and Other Issues

. Option 1 - with coverage of 100,000 Mts the annual premium is 2,500 Mts;

. Option 2 - with coverage of 200,000 Mts the annual premium is of 5,000 Mts

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